The Most Elegant Jive EVER!

There are many styles of jive - most are unashamedly raw with rough edges and many people love those styles. Sugar Step is different - it has been developed to be gentle on the body - the few simple techniques taught in the classes ensure everyone can enjoy their dancing with no naive forceful movements, just smooth and elegant flowing movement.

This dance style has been developed to ensure beginners can get the basics quickly and start to enjoy social partner dancing with other dancers at the club. For those who want to advance their dancing, it takes time to hone your skills to advanced level.

Sugar Step has been exclusively evaluated and approved by health specialists as being kind on the body with minimal risk of injury, but As with any form of gentle exercise, there is always a small risk, but if you and your dance partners follow the instructions carefully, all risks are minimised. If you are in any doubt about being able to participate in gentle aerobic exercise, please consult your doctor before attending.

Sugar Step
Sugar Step

Learn to dance in Eastbourne

Ever wanted to invite somebody to dance at a wedding or party? You only need a few simple moves and the confidence to offer your hand and make those dance floor shapes. Partner dancing is a life skill that many people wish they had, but never get around to learning how. Some people dismiss their "two left feet" thinking they would never make a strictly sequined competition dancer. But fear not, here is the solution.

This dance style is so simple, you will have the confidence and enough moves after one month to enjoy one of our monthly Saturday night dances!

If sequins and formal dance competitions aren't for you, how does simple social partner dancing sound? A social and friendly club where beginners are welcomed and encouraged to learn at their own pace.

Beginner Starter Nights

Try a Class for FREE at our 'once a month' beginner starter nights where anyone who has never tried Sugar Step previously can come along and try it completely free of charge. Beginner Starter Nights happen every first Thursday of the month.

No Dance Shoes Required

No special equipment, shoes or clothing is required to get on the dance floor! Just come along wearing casual clothing - remember this is a gentle aerobic exercise, so you will get warm. Wear whatever you're comfortable with on your feet but NO STILLETTO HEELS for the safety and comfort of others.

Pay Monthly or Weekly

Occasional visitors are welcome to pay cash on the door £10 per person
Please note we do not have the facility to accept credit/debit cards and we do not accept cheques.

Regular visitors can set up a Standing Order with your bank to pay £25 per month (equates to £6 per week). Just ask for a form with our bank details on it and you control it i.e. you are not committed to any contracts - you can cancel it at your leisure.