Meet the teachers

David and Sharon love teaching Sugar Step.

Sugar Step David's understanding of simple social dance tuition is second to none. He began teaching in 2001 and was soon renowned as an entertaining teacher, becoming a very popular guest teacher for many modern jive clubs and weekenders around the UK and Europe.

In this time, David studied the dancers and the dance to create the perfect partner dance for the social dance world (hobby level dancers as opposed to competition level dancers) and it became known first as Smooth Jive, but latterly as Sugar Step. He went on to produce three tutorial DVDs during the dance's development, (to differentiate it from other 'smooth jives' that were starting to pop up - he used several variations of 'smooth jive' names during this period) and then latterly, three compilation DVDs of weekender classes.

David has also trained dancers in the basics of teaching Smooth Jive, from understanding the dance techniques to the basics of teaching a social dance class.

David retired from teaching at modern jive venues a few years ago preferring to only teach and dance with people who appreciated the smooth flowing and gentle nature of Sugar Step and were prepared to commit to learning it, however long that learning process may be. He is renowned for his friendly and encouraging ability to get results with even the most 2-left footed beginners!

Sugar Step Sharon began dancing at the age of 11, discovering traditional line dancing and salsa some years later. In 2014, Sharon qualified as an instructor for modern jive and started teaching for several clubs, before deciding to focus her attention on Sugar Step, to help those looking to dance purely for pleasure, rather than looking to compete with other dancers.
Also a qualified burlesque instructor, Sharon likes to use this influence to help the ladies gain their confidence on the dance floor and add some extra style and flare to the moves, once they feel comfortable enough to do so.

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