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We're All Different! Here's 10 Questions To Help You Decide If Sugar Step Is The Right Dance Style For You.

So, you've decided you want to learn to dance, but you're not sure which dance style is right for you. There are hundreds to choose from, including ballroom, salsa, lindy hop, west coast swing, line dancing, street dancing and the list goes on!

The first thing to decide is, do you want to learn a partner dance, or a solo dance ie, one where you don't dance with a partner? Solo dancing like country dancing, folk dancing or even sword dancing(!) are great for those who don't like the idea of dancing with another person (in hold), but still want the social aspect of being with other people.

When it comes to partner dancing, there are other things to consider, such as whether you need to find a partner to attend dance lessons with you, whether you need specific dance shoes and/or dance clothing and to some extent, whether you like the music that will be played - it's pointless trying to learn Latin dance styles like salsa if you really can't stand Latin music.

To help you on to start your dance journey, we've put together some simple questions so you can find the right style for you:

Would you like to learn to dance?

Excellent! Go to next question.

Sorry to hear that. Learning any dance style is not only mentally stimulating but can be a healthy aerobic workout too. If you reconsider please stop by again and check us out.

Would you like to learn to partner dance?

Excellent! Sugar Step is a partner dance. Move onto the next question.

Sugar Step is a partner dance and dancing with a partner isn't for everyone. Even in its most respectful forms the idea of interacting with other people can be a step too far. Learning a partner dance like Sugar Step in an understanding environment or class, can be a gentle way of overcoming social interaction fears or can lead to a better understanding of other people, not to mention that many friendships are forged on the dance floor. If partner dancing is not for you, may we suggest searching online for the many different styles that are danced solo and enjoy your dance journey!

Would you like to learn SOCIAL partner dancing?

At Sugar Step, we teach the art of learning to dance with many partners. This is a completely different skill to learning with just one person. In time, you will learn to adapt and get the most out of every dance partner, regardless of their ability - That is the art of 'SOCIAL' partner dancing. Every class attendee must agree with our code of conduct. Please read it so you totally understand what respect you can expect from every attendee, and in turn what they will expect from you.

Sorry but Sugar Step will not meet your expectations. There are many dance classes where fixed couples are required, so refine your online search to include those words. Alternatively, if you particularly want to learn Sugar Step as a fixed couple, why not enquire about private lessons?

What level of commitment are you able/prepared to give?

Sugar Step has been developed as a hobby dance. The basics are really simple and you can fit the learning in around your life.

Sugar Step is not going to fulfill your requirements. This is not an academic course, there are no qualifications or medals to be gained. Sugar Step is proud to be a casual learning or hobby dance with a minimal commitment to learning. May we suggest you search online for academic dance styles, but if you ever wish to take up a dance style for simple fun and enjoyment, please come and visit us again.

What style of teaching and general class vibe would you prefer?

Because the end product is a fun, enjoyable hobby or pastime, at Sugar Step we believe the learning experience should also be fun, so every class is delivered in a light, friendly manner with interaction between students encouraged (provided it doesn't distract the rest of the class). When students enjoy themselves, they relax and learn so much faster.

Sorry, but Sugar Step is not going to meet your expectations. Because the end product is a fun, enjoyable hobby or pastime, at Sugar Step we believe the learning experience should also be fun.

What level of intimacy would you prefer?

Because Sugar Step is a social partner dance, where we all dance with each other, every student has to respect personal boundaries. Unless clearly advertised, every class will be suitable for dancers who are comfortable with a respectable partner dance experience. There is no 'bump and grind'.

Sorry but there are many partner dance styles who enjoy their reputation of being hot, smouldering, sexual etc. Sugar Step will not meet your expectations. If you would like a dance style that involves close hold please refine your online search to include those words.

Would you like to learn a new style or a more traditional/historic dance style that reflects older times?

Sugar Step reflects the 24/7 extra busy lifestyles of today. Sugar Step makes learning as simple as it can be, whilst retaining certain standards that ensure nobody gets hurts through the use of force, so even extra-busy people can enhance their social life and learn to dance! You will be gliding confidently around the floor in no time!

Many, if not all 'historical' partner dances involve more commitment to learning - in the past, people had more time and inclination to learn; they didn't have the internet, 500 channels of TV, cinema, gaming etc etc, so dancing was much more important for holding social networks together. As every dance style evolved, it reflected the popular music and culture of its time eg. waltz, jive, tango etc. For more information about traditional or historic partner dancing search online for your preferred style.

Do you think social dance tuition and tutors need the approval of health specialists?

Even though this is a hobby, the standard of tuition and the learning curriculum has to at least ensure the movement being taught is suitable for a hobby-level SOCIAL class environment. The Sugar Step dance style and learning curriculum has been approved by independent health specialists, namely osteopaths and physiotherapists who recognise that this dance style fits this unique learning environment. In turn, all Sugar Step tutors have been approved or certified by the creator of Sugar Step, David Plummer, as tutors who not only understand the differences but know how and what to teach - guaranteed.

If you do NOT think it's important that your instructor and/or dance style have been approved by independent osteopaths and physiotherapists, given the SOCIAL nature of learning to dance with complete strangers, then Sugar Step will not meet your requirements.

Would you like the freedom to lead or follow in a club that respects your choice?

At Sugar Step we believe everyone should have the freedom to step outside the traditional roles laid down by society and freely dance as either leader or follower in a club - and with club members - that respects that individual's freedom of choice?

If you believe that we should rigidly abide by traditional roles and do not wish to accept other people's rights to be different and accept them and their choice to dance outside of traditional roles then Sugar Step will not meet your expectations.

What is your preferred musical taste and tempo range?

At Sugar Step we cater for dancers with a general love of popular music from all eras and genres. Whilst we teach to slower music, our comfortable tempo range is 105-125BPM.

If you only like to dance to a single genre of music there are many dance clubs that will cater to that taste, but you will be disappointed by the wide variety that Sugar Step offers. Equally, if you prefer to dance to higher tempo music then you will be disappointed by the more chilled vibe of Sugar Step.

Dancing is a great way to meet new people and get fit whilst having fun. It really can change your life for the better, helping you to boost your confidence, learn a new skill, build friendships and improve your health.

One way to learn more about different styles is to watch dance videos online and see what you think you may like to have a go at. Once you've picked, find a class near to you and clear your diary!

Whichever style you choose, we wish you all the best with finding the right dance school or club for you and who knows, maybe we'll see you at a Sugar Step venue very soon?

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