Welcome to Sugar Step

Sugar Step is a funky and simple partner dance that brings people together.
A few simple steps and you will be enjoying the company of other people on the social dance floor.

Learning the steps are easy.
The challenge comes if you would like to dance with a variety of people, maybe complete strangers in any social environment.
Adapting to different people is the key to learning how to social partner dance.

Sugar Step is simple and adaptable
Sugar Step has been specially created to cater for partner dancing and social partner dancing, so whether you would like to learn to dance with just one person - maybe a wedding dance - or whether you would like to be able to offer a hand to a complete stranger and make some simple flowing shapes together, Sugar Step is right for you!

Who leads? Who follows?
As a dance style, Sugar Step embraces the traditional roles of Leaders and Followers but does so by encouraging interaction and cooperation rather than dominant and submissive roles.

Whilst the roles of Leaders and Followers are mainly played out by men in the leading role and ladies in the following, we actively encourage this tradition to be challenged with role reversal and same sex dancing. (Generally the only people who have a problem with this, are those who feel threatened by change or have a transparent reason for wanting to dance with the opposite sex.)

You do not need a fixed partner.
Single people and couples all enjoy social dance.

Enjoy the freedom of asking anyone to dance.
Asking for a dance does not have any ‘undertones’, it’s just a dance.

Casual learning.
Take it as far as you like, but there is no pressure or commitment. Social dancing is about enjoying each others company in a relaxed environment, not about sequins, fake tan and competitions.

Would you like to dance?
The answer is yes! That's why you have found this website, so let's get started.

Developed by a man who never partner danced before the age of 30
Sugar Step is a unique social partner dance created by 'Lazy' Dave, who discovered the joy of social partner dancing aged 30 years, and like so many others, wished he'd discovered it years earlier, as it changed his life!
He never dreamt that he would ever have the confidence or ability to offer a hand to another person and utter those 5 awesome words; "Would you like to dance?"
And now, almost 20 years later, after much learning, teaching and observing every aspect of social dancing and social dancers, he is proud to present Sugar Step - the perfect social partner dance for the casual learning environment. 2 left feet? Not a problem!